A Guide to Pairing Wine and Chocolate

Chocolate and wine… Can it be a “Met In Heaven” experience?There are so many wines to choose from, so there are chocolates to go as a match. Once you create a perfect combination, both can taste heavenly and supplement each other with every sip and bite.No doubt, these two are the food that can create a good mood. Chocolate and wine is the best pick when you want a romantic evening with your loved one. Just to make it even more pleasant, you can add some beautiful flowers and flavored candles. What else do you need?A little warning though. Sometimes pairing food can be a difficult task. Finding wine to match chocolate dessert can be a real challenge. Dry wine can be a hard time when combining with chocolate. The latter, in most cases, is a killer to wines. What is going on then? Sweet chocolate desserts can underline sour wine taste. This fact, almost certainly, will make you feel about wine as not appealing addition.Nothing to worry about. There is a guide for people who love both and want to enjoy their tasting session. All the difference makes a proper approach and obviously experience, that comes with many tastings.What are the suggestions when it comes to choosing a wine and a chocolate that work together?Here we go…First of all, the distance between wine and chocolate sweetness should always be short. Said that, wine should be at least as sweet as the chocolate, maybe even slightly sweeter. Otherwise the sour notes of wine will make it appear hollow and might set you back from enjoying your time.Generally speaking, red wines pair with chocolate easier than white wines. Some white wines of late harvest do the exception though. Champagnes are often good with many kinds of chocolate and choc desserts.Chocolate and tannin do not “love” each other, so tannin rich wines should go with savory dishes.To stay on a safe side at any time, go for fortified wines. Spirit will boost sweetness and the whole body of the wine.Wine quality does matter. Bad wine will simply be worser with chocolate. To make the pair work you might go for around $15-30 per bottle. Actually, wine should be the best quality possible.Taste the wine first and only then start enjoying anything made of chocolate. Why would you do that? Trying wine first will allow you to evaluate the flavor and taste of a wine itself. If you bite chocolate first, your mouth will be sweetened with it and your taste buds will be covered with a thin layer of cocoa butter, preventing you to taste the wine.Keep in mind another general rule: elegant flavored light chocolate taste better with lighter-bodied wines. That means, the stronger flavored the chocolate, the more full-bodied wine you need in order to meet perfection. Said that, a bittersweet chocolate, with at least 70% cocoa content, pairs with intense red wines like Zinfandel or more sweet variety – Port.If you are going to visit a wine and chocolate tasting event, then try them in a light to dark order. That is, start with white chocolate gradually moving to milk, plain to bittersweet and ending up with dark bitter chocolate.If you are the one who holds such a party, then let a bigger variety do the job. Said so, put two red wines, a sweet wine or a fine port to safe yourself. You can also make an experiment with something unusual and unexpected. Offer bigger variety of desserts including white, milk and dark chocolate sweets.The last, but not the least, focus on quality and flavors of chocolate and wine. Stop judging the match. The more you worry, the less enjoyment you get.